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Janice & Greg Miller, Owners

Here we are at the LINTOR Make-A-Book "world headquarters" in Fort Myers, Florida.  For over two decades, we have taken pride in providing schools and organizations with all the book binding materials students need to make professional-looking hardcover books right in their just minutes!

Our LINTOR Make-A-Book publishing products have helped aspiring authors (PK-Adult) meet national and state standards for writing, content, and technology in an innovative creating books! The LINTOR Make-A-Book binding materials are inexpensive, fun, and easy-to-use.


Lintor Make A Book

Our products do not come with a pre-set number of pages or pre-designed artwork. Students can hand-write their stories and reports or use the power of programs like Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, InDesign, etc. Their books can range from simple, hand-illustrated stories to sophisticated manuscripts which can be illustrated using computer graphics, digital photos, internet resources, and scanned images. 


From Start to Finish

Only with LINTOR Make-A-Book can students participate in the writing process in its entirety...from concept to final publication.  As you can well imagine (and as research shows), students are much more motivated to write when they see their works "published" in a hardcover book...especially one that they have actually bound themselves!   

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