Here are just a few of the many comments we have received over the years...


In this high-tech world we need to remember that writing is a process and teachers and students need to make something with their hands.  The Lintor Make-A-Book materials provide that wonderful blend of creativity and hands-on experiences that so enrich the lives of our students.

Judy Miller, Retired
Director of Exceptional Student Education
Lake County Schools, FL


I started using Lintor Books for my 2nd grade animal research project over 10 years ago! This year every child in my special ed class is studying a different animal. And all the children get to keep their very own copy. COOL!

Nancy Shaw
Technology Teacher
PS 239Q, NY


We used the Lintor books to make biographies for our nursing home buddies as a service learning project.  The students interview the seniors throughout the year, learning about history first-hand as they write the biographies.  This year we used the large portrait book covers and larger type to make it easier for the seniors to read.  I love how easy the books are to make and how great they turn out.  They look like real published books!  The students' senior buddies were so impressed and excited to see their life story in hardcover.  I am proud to say that I have won several awards over the past years for our K.I.S.S. (Kids Interacting with Seniors Successfully) program.

Heidi Rhea
Grade 5 Teacher
Tchefuncte Middle School, LA


I am the parent of four children, two of whom have disabilities and an early childhood special education professional.  Your Lintor books are a phenominal tool for parents and practitioners!  Making the book is easy and now that we have seen how magical it is, we plan to make more!  It can be challenging to find a tool that is customized for an individual child, directly helps teach needed skills, and creates a rewarding experience for the child and family.  So my hat's off to your company for making it easy to create such a valuable resource for young children.

Sarah A. Mulligan, M.Ed., CAE
Executive Director
CEC Division of Early Childhood


I am pleased to share with you that the seventh grade students' children's book writing projects were a tremendous success!  The book components and instructions were easy to use and gave the finished project a professional look.

Mrs. Zitronenbaum
Bnos Marguilia, NY


I really wish you could have seen the students presenting their Lintor books.  They were so proud of their work.  The parents who attended the Pot Luck lunch were very impressed and an article was written about our project in the local newspaper.  We are taking our books to the Young Authors Celebration hosted by William Carey University in March.

Mary Nell Clarke
FLAG Teacher
Mendenhall Elementary School, MS


For the last two years my students have made wonderful non-fiction books with the Lintor Make-A-Book materials.  When working on their individual books, my ESL students' motivation is extremely high.  They work very industriously on the writing process and this year have chosen to illustrate their own books.  We will be sharing the results, as we did last year, with the students in the school at our second annual Literacy Cafe in May.  This is a wonderful product and I enthusiastically share information about it with my colleagues.

Barbara Suter
ESL Teacher
East Meadows School District, NY


I wanted to let you know that we just finished our book project with our 4th. graders.  We successfully made 127 books in a three-week span of time.  Each student created a Christmas story, shared his/her book with a reading buddy in a lower grade, and wrapped the books as gifts for their families.  We had wonderful feedback from parents about this amazing project.  Many kids were shocked by the tears from their parents as they read the stories.  While writing, editing and illustrating is always a challenge for the kiddos, your products make the binding process easy and very professional looking.  Our district librarian was amazed that we could make the books here without sending them away for publication.  Thanks so much for an amazing product!!!!

Amy Tong
Grade 4 Teacher
Walnut Creek Elementary School, TX


The students were in awe as they looked at the books they had made for the first time.  They couldn't believe their eyes!  They plan to take their books to their schools and share pieces of poetry, skits, stories, etc. with their classmates.

Fenella Cooper
Young Writiers Camp
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands


I am a parent from Julie Bolock's class and wanted to first say that the Recipes for Life books turned out fabulously!  What a treasure for a Mom to have!  Thank you so much for your involvement in this project, including the showing up and walking us through the steps in making the books.  What an awesome treasure to remember our daughter's 5th. grade year!

Lara Capes
Pelican Marsh Elementary School, FL